Membryl HVT

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Technical Data.

Number of Coats: 2-3 coats

Spreading Rate Per Coat: 2m2 / L

Wet Film Per Coat: 500 microns

Recoat (@25oC): 4-6hours

Curing time: 7 days

Colour: White

Thinner: N/A

Shelf Life: 12 months

Properties Test Method Test Results

Water Vapour Transmission Rate

Vapour Diffusion Coefficient

Diffusion Resistance Coefficient

Equivalent Air Layer Thickness (Sd)


53.4 g/ m2/ 24 hours

3.4 x 10-4 cm2/ sec



Durometer Hardness Shore "A" ASTM D2240 13.5
Direct Tension Adhesion Strength ASTM D4541 0.9MPa

Dynamic Crack Bridging

2000 cycles at 8 cycles per minute



Displacement, no failure

Mandrel Bend Test (180o)around 6mm AS 1580.402.1 PASS-no crack, falking or peeling
Fire Propagation BS 476 Part 6 Index 5.7
Surface Spread of Flame BS 476 Part 7 Class 1

Application Guide.

Surface Preparation

  1. Surface should be structurally sound and free from contamination. If surfaces are damaged or unsound, appropriate repairs need to be carried out.
  2. Reasonable dampness in surfaces(without visible moisture) is acceptable.

Application Procedure and Equipment

  1. Apply Membryl HVT using along nap roller or brush or a squeegee with a rubber edge and a handle long enough to enable the operator to operate squeegee approximately 1m away from himself.
  2. For squeegee application, Membryl HVT should be mixed with equal parts by volume of Membryl.
  3. Where applying by squeegee directly from container, treat approximately 20m2 sections at a time. Tip approximately 5-6L onto the surface at the start of the application area and apply using a squeegee approximately 900mm wide. Overlap the first strake by the next strate and so forth. Do not go back over finished strakes as material may start to set and with leave an uneven finish. If next area is applied before the previous area has dried do not overlap the edge. If the material is dry, overlap by approximately 100mm. When areas treated by squeegee are dry apply Membryl HVT by brush and roller(long nap)to areas which could not be treated with the squeegee (verticals, corners, etc) to complete the application.
  4. A 2nd coat can be applied as soon as the first coat has dried and should be applied at 90o right angles to the first coat. IfMembryl HVT dries during a stop, overlap the new work by approximately 100mm.
  5. Areas that will experience frequent foot traffic require a third coat.


  • Do not apply below 10oC or above 85% relative humidity or When rain is imminent.
  • Do not thin Membryl HVT under any circumstances.

Transport and Storage.

Sizes: 20L

Weights: 32kg

Dangerous Goods Class: N/A

Flash Point: N/A

UN Number: N/A

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