Elastoseal HD

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Technical Data.


Number of Coats: 2

Spreading Rate Per Coat:1.0 - 1.3 m2/l

Wet Film Per Coat: 780 - 1000 microns

Recoat(@250C): 2 hours

Curing time: 24 hours

Colour: Black

Thinner: Water

Shelf Life: 12 months

Properties Test Method
Test Results
Tensile Strength ASTM D412-87 25.7N, 0.8MPa, 111 1b/inch2
Elongation ASTM D412-87 1295%
Resistance to Puncture ASTM E 154-88 24.2N Extension 300mm+
Resistance to Puncture of CROMPROOF TM Elastoseal HD/CROMPROOFTM Polyfab/CROMPROOF TM Elastoseal HD ASTM E 154-88 Max Load 643N, 65.5kg, Extension 45.8mm
Dynamic Crack Bridging BAN 2VT-BEL-OS BEL-OS 5000 cycles at 10 cycles per minute. Displayment .15mm,no visible failure
Water Vapour Transmission Rate ASTM E96-80 15.7g/m2/24hours
Diffusion Coefficient (DH20) ASTM E96-80 5.8 x 10-5 cm2 sec-1
Diffusion Resistance Coefficient(µ) ASTM E96-80 4000
Equivalent Air Layer Thickness (Sd) ASTM E96-80 2.8m
Water Permeability on 32 MPa concrete substrate

Taywood Eng.Ltd

Test Method 5.1 of 014H/90/4683

5.4 x 10-11m sec-1

Hydrostatic Head of Water:





Taywood Eng.Ltd

Test Method 5.1 of 014H/90/4683


2.4 x 10-13m sec-1

2.3 x 10-13m sec-1

1.1 x 10-12m sec-1

Volatile Organic Compound(VOC)Content

SCAOMD 304-91

4 g/L


Waterproofing Concrete Basement/Plaza Deck - Topping of Concrete, Insulation, Slabs, Tiling Spreading Rate W.F.T D.F.T
1st Coat: CROMPROOF Elastoseal HD 1.0 m2/L 1000 micron 460 microns
Whilst wet embed CROMPROOF Polyfab 40 microns
2nd Coat: CROMPROOF Elastoseal HD 1.3 m2/L 770 microns 350 microns
850 microns

Application Guide.


Surface Preparation:

  1. Surface must be clean, dry, sound and free of dust.
  2. If any patches of oil are evident chip off all contaminated concrete or if that is not practical, use a powered floor cleaning compound. If the bond of the CROMPROOF Elastoseal HD to the substrate is critical as it is in roofing areas, reinforce membrane over contaminated area with COMPROOF Polyfab, a non-woven polyester fabric.
  3. All metal surfaces to be coated with CROMPROOF Elastoseal HD must be free from grease, oils, dust and water. Remove grease and oils with a suitable degreaser, wash down surface with clean water and allow to dry.
  4. Where movement is expected between elements, treat as an expansion joint with the use ofCOMPROOF Polyfab BB as a bond-breaker. Sharp corners, as between parapets and concrete deck, should be rounded by the placement of mastic at the corner.



  1. Do not apply Elastoseal HD if the temperature is below 10oC, if humidity is above 80%, or if rain is imminent.
  2. Temporarily protect the membrane from mechanical damage after application using polystyrene boards or an equally effective alternative.
  3. A cement screed or topping may be laid over the system after 24 hours curing.
  4. Externally where no toppingis intended, the system must be over coated with an U.V. stable acrylic coating.

Transport and Storage.


Sizes: 20L

Weights: 22.5Kg

Dangerous Goods Class: N/A

Flash Point: N/A

UN Number: N/A

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